10 Recovery Resources To Help Your Drug Addiction Recovery

10 Recovery Resources To Help Your Drug Addiction Recovery

On any given day, over 700,000 Americans seek treatment for the addiction to drugs or alcohol, so having a multitude of recovery resources available is key to helping combat these addictions. Addictions are not all the same, nor are people, so finding the right recovery resource that will work for the addict is just as[…]

Sober Freedom: Expectations Vs. Reality

Sober freedom involves remaining free from the abuse of drugs or other substances. When a person decides to embrace sober freedom, the expectations never match up to the reality. For example, consider these expectations and realities: Expectations of Sober Freedom • Attending meetings for sobriety may be boring and uninteresting since I may have to[…]

5 Tips For A Happy Life In Recovery From Addiction

Recovery from addiction is much more complex than just getting the necessary help in the form of intervention and/or rehabilitation. After getting the required attention both medically and otherwise, the time period that comes after is very important as it can determine the possibility (or not) of a relapse. Returning to a normal and happy[…]