10+ Telltale Signs Of Alcohol Abuse (Some May Surprise You)

A lot of people struggle with alcohol abuse or addiction every year. Some people tend to realize that they have this problem and cannot solve this on their own whereas others tend to seek help from professionals to get the recovery process started. Substance abuse has become really common these days and the correlation between substance abuse and mental health is positive. One of the most common addictions people deal with is that of alcohol abuse.

10+ Telltale Signs Of Alcohol Abuse (Some May Surprise You)

Tell Tale Signs Of Alcohol Abuse Include:

• Neglecting of personal hygiene
• Anger outbursts
• Secretiveness
• Acting paranoid and suspicious
• Changes in energy levels
• Increased talkativeness
• Personality changes
• Odd and bizarre behavior

There are several changes that take place in a person’s body and mind when they drink. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the signs of alcoholism on the mind, body, and spirit.

Continuous Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol abuse includes drinking excessive amounts, underage drinking, binge drinking and frequently drinking. It also involves behaviors that can cause harm or distress. Other symptoms include failing to fulfill obligations, domestic violence, and other hardships because of alcohol use.


Denial is another common sign that someone with a substance use disorder will experience, usually when they are confronted with their problems that surround alcohol use. They try to hide the amount of alcohol they consume by drinking it in secret or tend to make excuses for their habits.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Substance abuse also involves withdrawals. When an alcohol stops drinking, they go through withdrawals such as suicidal ideations, cravings, depression, anxiety, and sweating.

Psychological Health Problems

Substance abuse behaviors also include psychological health problems. Continued drinking leads to damaging of neurons and it depletes the natural dopamine production which causes a lot of psychological reactions. People may experience stress, guilt, mental health disorders, blackouts, memory loss etc. Substance abuse and mental health go hand in hand and therefore it can lead to severe psychological health problems.

Alcohol Dependency

Dependency causes the brain to become more reliant on alcohol and chemicals to activate neurotransmitters that balance communication signals between the central nervous system and brain. When they are deprived of alcohol, they suffer from withdrawals.

Physical Health Problems

Another common indication of substance abuse is physical health problems. Substance abuse behaviors include several strange behaviors but mainly substance abuse causes physical health problems mainly. Alcohol is a toxic chemical that can cause several physical health impairments. It causes heart failure, kidney damage, liver damage, brain damage and malnutrition.

Since substance abuse and mental health go hand in hand, one of the main signs of alcohol abuse is instability. A person who suffers from this is unable to control their behaviors, thoughts, and emotions as they become unstable psychologically and physically. They keep on drinking without knowing the harms it causes it themselves and others.

Substance abuse disorder is a major issue and substance abuse can be deadly. Therefore, it must be assessed and taken care of at an early stage. There are several substance abuse treatments that one can go for; one of them includes going to the substance abuse treatment facility. Usually, these facilities are equipped to help you deal with the struggles in an easy way.

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